Saturn Voyagertrailer

A traveller when faced with his anguish and frustration decides to leave the desert where he lives to embark on a trip to Saturn. In pursuit of understanding the meaning of his life, he goes through cosmic dimensions to face his own ghosts and attain a personal light for the mastery of his unique universe. 


Dir. Guilherme and Iuri Araujo. Prod. Província Studio & Buëndia Film Music Studio


The Frost Spirit  

Sitting by a fire, a young boy on the cusp of adolescence feels a wind chill coming on. Afraid of the impending change and trying to hide from reality in his own mind, he instead is pursued by The Frost Spirit, who has ventured a great distance - drastically transforming everything he passes - to engage in a final confrontation, pitting old against new, stubbornness against acceptance. Based on a poem by John Greenleaf Whittier published in 1892.  


Dir. Guilherme and Iuri Araujo. Prod. Monticello Park Productions



Cidade Morte Vida Coração (EN: "Life & Death City Heart")​ TRAILER

This is the story of a young couple who fall in love with each other and by the city where they live. The narrative takes place in the 1940s, where the style of the Art Deco style prevails. The film talks about loneliness, memories of things that we leave behind and in the same time that are taken away from us. 


Directed by Guilherme Araújo


An intriguing drama directed by Tony Gao about a

criminal syndicate and a deep family secret hidden

in the past.



Short Film drama directed by Akma Shadilla.

A poetical story about a blind girl who got her eyesight for a day. 



Captain Pow and Princess Q.

An enjoyable short animation about an evil little kid trying to destroy the dreams of a wannabe superhero that uses household items and gadgets to pretend he has superpower. Directed by Tengku Zainal 

Wild Woods of Bristol

Great shots from Bristol Wild Life in this beautiful short film directed by Sam Meyrick


Lilly & Beetle

BBC Amazon Wildlife Documentary - A sequence  about an extraordinary story that shows the mystical and sensual relationship between a flower and an insect.

Vale do Sol/Sun Valley 

Teaser documentary Vale do Sol, directed by Gustavo Graziani.

'O Jardim da Casa de minha Avó'.

The Garden of my grandmother's house. (2006) Directed by Sejana de Pina